Chapter 70 – Buy a Ring

Xia Tian doesn’t chase Shu Jing. He took Sun Xinxin’s hand
“Xinjie, let’s go.”
As for Chen Zhigang, he still lives in a field like wood chicken. It seems difficult to accept this fact. Xia Tian he is too lazy to take care of it.

Sun Xinxin looked at Chen Zhigang with a little sympathy, but said nothing. Today’s Chen Zhigang’s appearance really disappointed her, or her impression of Chen Zhigang, it became increasingly difficult to be on the list.

“Xia Tian, can you give me your cellphone number?”
Jiang Feng chased after him.

“No problem.”
Xia Tian agrees easily.

Seeing the time, but less than eleven o’clock, and Xia Tian suggested
“Xinjie, do you want to buy your cellphone? It’s better to buy a cellphone first.”

Sun Xinxin agreed.

Because the place was close to their place, so they left on foot, still to the cellphone shop.

Sun Xinxin is not a rich person, she saves money. A few days ago, Zhang Dazhu extorted more than half of her money, plus herself was not wasteful of spending money, so she ended up spending more than 1000 RMB to buy one, the Samsung model. Today Chen Zhigang does not interfere, purchasing a cellphone is quite smooth, and it takes less than half an hour to get it.

Maybe yesterday that her shopping was interrupted, Sun Xinxin wanted to redeem it, so after she bought the cellphone, she took Xia Tian to continue shopping, regrettably to Xia Tian, Sun Xinxin did not change clothes for him today, the goal was shoes and bags, but she was still interested to shop, as long as there is nothing to buy.

“Let’s get something to eat, then take a walk after eating!”
More than 12 noon, Sun Xinxin finally felt her stomach growling.

Both of them ran to town again to eat, but instead of eating Brazilian barbecue, they ate on the second floor of fast food. Sun Xinxin really wants to go shopping and doesn’t feel like eating slowly. She just wanted to increase her energy so she could continue shopping.

But this time Xia Tian received a call, and it came from Huang Haitao.

“Xia Shen Medicine, I’m Huang Haitao!”
Huang Haitao was very respectful on the phone.
“I have sent you’re money, but you are not at the flower shop. Who do I have to hand over the money to?”
Since confirming that the neuropathy in his son’s brain has been removed, Huang Haitao immediately prepared money for Xia Tian, even though one million was not a small amount for Huang Haitao, he could still get it.

Today, seeing his son’s words and deeds normal, Huang Haitao even looked very happy. Initially he had several opinions about Xia Tian. In this case, most of them disappear. In fact, in the past few months, to care for his son, he spent a lot of money, but had no effect. Now spend one million, letting his son recover fully. He felt that it was of value.

Huang Haitao didn’t dare to pay the bill, so he didn’t dare to pay the bill. Therefore, he prepared cash in the morning and sent it to Xinxin Flower Shop during the day, but the flower shop only had Fang Xiaoru herself. Huang Haitao naturally did not dare to give such money to a girl, so he summoned Xia Tian.

“I accompanied my wife to shop on the pedestrian street, or you can send money here!”
Xia Tian said casually.

“Okay, I’ll send it to the past.”
Huang Haitao did not argue. He hung up and went to the pedestrian street.

Closing the phone, Xia Tian was a little excited, and he finally had a little money.

“Xinjie, I invited you to dinner today.”
Xia Tian’s initiative went to pay the bills, since then Sun Xinxin remembered, Xia Tian asked her to eat the first night, this was a snack of 10 RMB.

After dinner, Sun Xinxin still pulled Xia Tian to shop. The reason why she pulled it was actually because of the AC function. Even though this day is not so hot, the sun still makes people unable to stand it. There was a natural air conditioner that Xia Tian could carry, and Sun Xinxin was not affected by the sun.

After Zhou Xiaosheng’s jewelry shop, Sun Xinxin hesitated and finally did not enter.

“Xinjie, why aren’t you entering?”
Xia Tian feels a bit strange. Didn’t I hear that women love diamond jewelry?

“Goods inside are more expensive, most of those who can’t afford it can’t enter.”
Sun Xinxin whispered.

Listen to her say this, Xia Tian pulls it away.
“No problem, Xinjie, what you see, I bought it for you.”

“You don’t have money!”
Sun Xinxin gave Xia Tian white eyes, the others didn’t know, he still didn’t know? This man is just blabbering.

Sun Xinxin still didn’t know that Xia Tian would have one million.

“I have money!”
Xia Tian took Sun Xinxin and came to the diamond ring area.
“Xinjie, I will buy a ring for you!”

The pretty seller of the jewelry shop was very enthusiastic about welcoming Xia Tian
“Sir, do you want to buy a ring for your girlfriend?”

Xia Tian nodded. Then he pointed his finger to the one that looked most interesting.
“Take that one.”

“Sir, your eyes are really good. This is the best diamond ring in our shop. The diamond has rust and the quality is good …”
The seller gave a general introduction quickly, in the end she looked at Sun Xinxin a little jealously.
“Miss do you want to wear it? You are very beautiful, and only a ring like that suits you.”

Sun Xinxin did not speak. Not many women don’t like diamond rings. Sun Xinxin is no exception. When she saw this ring, she liked it at first glance, but she also understood that this ring, she certainly could not afford it.

“Take it out and try it!”
Xia Tian said.

“Okay, sir!”
The seller is very happy. Even though she could see that Xia Tian did not draw from her eyes, many of the rich people of this year were humble. She cannot judge that this person has no money. She felt that because there was a girlfriend who was so beautiful, this man was mostly rich.

The seller will take a one-carat diamond ring, but there is an unexpected sound.

“I want this ring!”

Xia Tian was suddenly upset. Who made it difficult for him?

Looking around, he is even more annoyed, so is this dirty woman?

As the saying goes, the road is narrow, and only takes a few hours. Xia Tian met another woman named Yu Yan and slept with the entire basketball team.

“Do you know what it means to be the first? I saw it first.”
Summer looks at Yuyan.

“Do you pay?”
Yu Yan sneered.
“If you can’t pay, this ring is not yours, anyone can buy it!”

“Xia Tian, forget it, we can’t afford it anyway.”
Sun Xinxin pulled Xia Tian’s arm, whispering.

Sun Xinxin’s voice might sound small, but Yu Yan still heard it. She suddenly became proud and looked mocking.
“Ah, so you can’t afford it, I will mengatannya, watch you two wear ragged clothes and you can buy this ring that is worth tens of thousands? If you do not have money, do not buy it!”

“Who said I can’t afford it?”
Xia Tian looks at the seller,
“How much is this?”

The seller replied that she only sold rings and did not want to be involved in this kind of dispute, although she also suspected that Xia Tian did not have money, but also had no verbal abuse, she also worked, and she did not qualify to belittle others.

“Ah just 68,000! ”
Xia Tian smiled.
“Take it first and try it. If it’s appropriate, I’ll buy it.”

“Okay, sir.”
The seller is ready to hand the ring to Xia Tian, while also explaining a sentence.
“If it doesn’t match, you can change the size for free.”


One hand grabs and stops the seller. Yu Yan looked at Xia Tian in disgust.
“If you pay immediately, I won’t argue with you. Or this ring is mine!”

Yu Yan issued a credit card and handed it to the seller.
“I can pay now!”

“Are you looking for a punch?”
Xia Tian looked at Yu Yan, feeling uncomfortable. He just wants to buy a ring for Xinjie, does this woman make a problem with him?

Of course he didn’t know, Yu Yan did not initially want to buy this ring. Just seeing it wants to buy, deliberately makes it difficult for him. Who told him to go with him in the morning?

“What? You want to hit someone if you can’t?”
Yu Yan’s face mocked
“Do you still want to rob?”

Not waiting for Xia Tian to answer, Yu Yan screamed.
“Ah, please, some people want to rob!”


Xia Tian slapped her face, and then he grabbed and took the ring and handed it to Sun Xinxin.
“Xinjie, do you try it accordingly or not?”

“Bastard, you really dare to hit me?”
Yu Yan touched her burning face, unable to believe it, she was almost crazy because of anger, took out a telephone dialed number and shouted loudly inside.
“Where did you go, you bastard? This Laoniang is being bullied! Zhou Xiaosheng’s jewelry shop, come”

The two security guards also ran very nervous right now.
“Who was robbed?”

“Only he!”
Yu Yan pointed towards Xia Tian.
“Look, he robbed the ring!”

The two guards look Xia Tian, a little confused, is there a robbery here? He did not carry a knife, nor did he see who he was threatening.

“Sir this, please …”
A security guard wants to say something.

“I came to buy a ring, I really want to rob, can you stop me?”
Xia Tian said with a little look at the two, and then he didn’t bother to pay attention to them, only holding Sun Xinxin’s hand.
“Xinjie, try it first.”

Sun Xinxin took the ring, a little nervous.
“Xia Tian, you don’t really want …”
Seeing the person next to her, Sun Xinxin didn’t finish her sentence, she was really worried about Xia Tian for robbery.

“Xinjie, I really have money, someone will send it!”
Xia Tian said, his phone rang, it was Huang Haitao who came and he had reached the pedestrian street.

“I’m at Zhou Xiaosheng Jewelry Shop, come here.”
Then Xia Tian hung up and looked at Sun Xinxin.
“Xinjie, the money has come, how? Do you like this ring?”

Seeing her so confident, Sun Xinxin said nothing, put the ring on her index finger, right, she nodded.

“Honey, who bullied you?”
At this moment, a voice rang out, and a man entered the door and walked towards Yu Yan.


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