Chapter 71 – Meet ‘old acquaintances’

“That’s them!”
Yu Yan pointed towards Xia Tian and Sun Xinxin, even though Sun Xinxin said nothing at all, but Yu Yan also pointed to Sun Xinxin.

This person looked at Xia Tian, didn’t know, then saw Sun Xinxin, suddenly her eyes were bright, really beautiful!

Sun Xinxin changed her face, how was she?

This is just a fat man, Xia Tian also recognized him, in fact this fat man wanted to play an idea for Sun Xinxin, He also knew that this fat guy named Wang Jian and deputy captain of the East Branch Security Police Brigade.

As the saying goes, meet two ‘acquaintances’ at once, and they are both still together. This is truly a coincidence, but right now, Xia Tian admires Yu Yan, this woman’s husband is actually more than his wife.
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“Honey, what’s wrong? How do they offend you?”
Wang Jian did not recognize Sun Xinxin. He was drunk that night, and the lights in that place were not too bright, so he did not have a deep impression on Sun Xinxin’s appearance.

“This kid robbed, you police, arrest him!”
Yu Yan’s steps are very toxic, and she wants to let Xia Tian eat free rice.

Wang Jian was stunned.
“Brat, are you really a robber?”

“Is there a problem with your brain?”
Xia Tian glanced at him.

“You, are you shouting at me?”
Wang Jian didn’t react at this time. Since he became the deputy captain of the Public Security Brigade, he has rarely been scolded.

“Are you so stupid? I can’t hear you, you can’t hear it?”
Xia Tian looked at Wang Jian full, he looked too stupid, just too stupid for the country.

“Brat, do you want to look for death?”
Wang Jian finally got angry.
“Are you a robber who is so arrogant?”

“I want to be a robber, you have to die.”
Xia Tian really hates this person. If he is a robber, he must be shot immediately.

“What happened?”
A soft voice came from inside, and a beautiful young woman wearing a glamorous dress came out from inside. When he saw this young woman, Wang Jian’s saliva flowed out of his mouth. Ah, the best, it’s really the best!

The glamorous dress is just right for hugging her beautiful curves, thin waist and long legs, big breasts and curved hips, extra seductive smiles, all showing the style, unique charm of an adult woman, in her full appearance. Yu Yan saw this glamorous young lady dress, suddenly becoming an ugly duckling, even Sun Xinxin, she couldn’t compare herself to the charm of this young woman.

“Manager Zhou.”
The seller rushed to explain.
“This man wants to buy a ring, and then the woman wants to buy it, so she has some disputes.”

“I want to buy, but he took it! ”
Yu Yan looked at Xia Tian angrily.
“He doesn’t have money now, and he has no plans to give money!”

“Is this guy really not paying?”
The manager asked.

“Yes, but he just started trying.”
The sales clerk explained, after all, in her opinion, buying rings usually had to try first, not using money so fast, rings worth tens of thousands, who went to the store to pick up and leave?

“Then he tried it now, it’s suitable, can’t buy it, there must always be a result, right?”
Yu Yan was rather aggressive.

“I’ll buy.”
Xia Tian answered.
“But wait a few minutes, someone will send me money soon.”

“Someone gave you money?”
Yu Yan sneered.
“You’re not waiting to call some brothers to be robbed?”

“Brat, if you have money, give it immediately, if you don’t give the ring to us!”
Wang Jian also opened his mouth.

The store manager was a little embarrassed, but did not speak, because she suddenly found that she continued to be an audience, perhaps the best choice.

“Do I have to let it go?”
Xia Tian rolled his eyes, but his mind was a little annoyed, Huang Haitao sent money, why was it so slow?

“Believe it or not I’ll call, and someone will arrest you immediately for robbery?”
Wang Jian took out his cellphone, looking bullish.

“I do not believe!”
A voice of anger came from the door.

“Which one …”
Wang Jian cursed. When he turned and saw people coming, he was surprised.
“Bu-bureau Huang?”

It was Huang Haitao who entered, his hand carrying a bag looked very ordinary.

“Huang Bureau, you, how can you?”
Wang Jian hurried and smiled with a charming face. This is the head of all police in Jianghai City. How could he not dare to go respect in the future?

Huang Haitao ignored him and headed to Xia Tian. He looks polite
“Xia Shen Medicine, this is the money.”

Wang Jian suddenly was stupid. How could Huang Bureau be so polite to this brat?

“How did you come?”
Xia Tian isn’t a little happy.

“The road is rather crowded and takes time.”
Huang Haitao explained with a smile, he also saw it, and Xia Tian’s mood didn’t look good.

“Forget it, the money is already there.”
Xia Tian didn’t chase him.

“Xia Shen Medicine, the money is here, you open it, one hundred thousand, a total of ten.”
Huang Haitao handed the bag to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian takes it and unzips the bag. That’s really a lot of paper money. He issued one and handed it to the seller
“Here, you count, return it to me.”

“Okay, sir.”
The seller quickly took the money and counted it at the checkout.

Seeing the pile of banknotes in the bag, everyone in the room felt anxious, and Yu Yan could little believe it. Someone really sent money to this brat, and that’s one million.

Wang Jian was currently sweating coldly, and this was over. This time it’s really finished. Apparently this brat is behind this story, not infrequently someone sends him money. The head of the public security bureau personally sent money to him. What is the identity?

“Wang Jian, can you mobilize criminal police to take robbers?”
Huang Haitao’s words made Wang Jian’s body shiver.

“Huang Bureau, you, you misunderstood …” Wang Jian wanted to explain.

But Huang Haitao did not want to give him a chance to explain, immediately interrupting his words.
“Because you want to be a criminal police officer, you have to report to the Interpol team tomorrow!”
Wang Jian was almost instantly paralyzed. He knew that most of the deputy captains of his security forces were missing. When he arrived at the criminal police team, he had to start from the beginning.

“Xia Shen Medicine, there are still things at the bureau, I won’t bother you to go shopping with Miss Sun.”
Huang Haitao didn’t stay long, he sent one million to Xia Tian in public rather difficult for him, so he decided to leave as soon as possible.

“Oh, go away.”
Xia Tian did not mind, then waved his hand.

“Sir, this is your money, and you have more than 32,000. Please click here. This is a certificate and invoice for the ring. Please accept it.”
The seller came back.

Xia Tian took the money, and he didn’t count it just put it in the bag. Then he smiled at Sun Xinxin
“Xinjie, what else do you want to buy, let’s buy now!”

“No, let’s go back.”
Sun Xinxin whispered, seeing a bag of so much money, Sun Xinxin didn’t dare go shopping with so much money.

Xia Tian didn’t mind that.

“Miss, can you get me a city and put the ring inside.”
Sun Xinxin said that she wanted to keep the ring.

“What are you doing, Xinjie, you only wear it like this.”
Summer is rather unpleasant.
“How beautiful you are!”

No matter what Sun Xinxin disagreed with, Xia Tian pulled her away, and Sun Xinxin was a little helpless. Wearing it, not to mention, in her heart, she really hoped to wear it.

“This Brother …”
Wang Jian chased after him and smiled.

Xia Tian looked at him,
“Who’s your brother?”

“That, Brother, it’s just a misunderstanding, misunderstanding, you, don’t worry about that …”
Wang Jian saw his appearance.

“Stay away from me, or I hit you!”
Xia Tian pulled Sun Xinxin out of the jewelry shop, hearing these words, Wang Jian was indeed afraid to go to catch up.

“You are very scared of what he did? Not only …”
Yu Yan was very dissatisfied when she saw Wang Jian who was like a bear.

Pop! ”

Wang Jian slapped Yu Yan’s face,
“Bitch, f*ck you almost killed me!”

Yu Yan was stunned by this slap, and immediately growled
“Wang Ba Gu, you dare to fight Lao Niang? The old woman fought with you …”
Yu Yan rushed and bit Wang Jian, and made jokes on the road.

“Xia Tian, isn’t that the director of the City Public Security Bureau? Why did he send you so much money?”
After leaving the jewelry shop, Sun Xinxin couldn’t help asking.

“I cure his son’s neuropathy, and he gave me a million RMB”
Xia Tian said casually.

Hearing him say, Sun Xinxin was also calm, she was afraid this money was not good.

After a while, Sun Xinxin was a little worried, bringing so much money, it was too insecure.

“Xia Tian, you need to save money first,”
Sun Xinxin suggested.

“A place to store?”
Xia Tian asked.

“Save it at the bank!”
Sun Xinxin was a little helpless.
“There is an industrial and commercial bank in front of it!”

“But I don’t have a bank card.”
Xia Tian shook his head.

“You can do it,”
Sun Xinxin has a headache.

“Sister Xin, I don’t have an ID card, I can’t make a bank card.”
Xia Tian must explain,
“When I go to Jingcha-Jiejie for a few days, I will make an ID card.”

“Why don’t you let Secretary Huang help you get an ID card?”
Sun Xinxin did not understand.
“Isn’t that easier?”

“Actually, I didn’t really like Huang Haitao. I preferred Jingcha-Jiejie, so I decided to let her give me an identity card.”
Xia Tian reasoned quite well.

Sun Xinxin suddenly understood that this little satire was only looking for an excuse to approach cold beauty which was quite sexy.

Touching a 68,000 diamond ring, Sun Xinxin sighed, now feeling Xia Tian was good, but how could this man be so luxurious?

The heart of the flower is also counted, but also the flower is so bright and straight, the man’s feet on a number of boats, cunning, he can be good in front of her face, but also bravely allows other beauty for her as a wife.

“Right, Xinjie, do you have a bank card?”
Xia Tian suddenly asked in her ear.


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