Chapter 72 – Change

Sun Xinxin replied with a sigh of relief. Of course, she has a bank card. As long as someone is an adult, not many do not have a bank card.

“Then we go save it!”
Xia Tian isn’t worried about someone stealing money, it’s just not comfortable carrying a bag like that.

Sun Xinxin did not react
“How do you save money without a bank card and without an ID card?”

“Xinjie, don’t you have a bank card?”
Xia Tian is rather strange.
“Can’t you keep it?”

Sun Xinxin stayed, then whispered
“Xia Tian, you mean, want to put money in my card?”

Xia Tian seemed a little weird to see Sun Xinxin, Xinjie usually looked very smart, how did she become stupid today? Is the chest getting bigger?

Xia Tian couldn’t help but stare at Sun Xinxin’s towering part for a while, then came to the conclusion that it was as big as before, or 36c.

Sun Xinxin felt that her heartbeat was much faster, not because she looked at Xia Tian, but she didn’t expect it. Xia Tian must put a lot of money into the card!

“Xia Tian, do you really want to deposit money here?”
Sun Xinxin couldn’t help asking anymore, a feeling that couldn’t be trusted.

“Of course that’s true.”
Xia Tian is rather confused, is Xinjie a little weird today?

“You’re not afraid I’ll run with your money?”
Sun Xinxin exclaimed.

“Not afraid!”
Xia Tian smiled,
“I can find you wherever you go.”

Sun Xinxin stayed, she thought that Xia Tian would say something like my money is your sweet words, how do you know Xia Tian? But give an answer like that, let her be a little angry because this man is incomprehensible, and her heart is rather lost, so she is not so excited.

“Then let’s save it”
Sun Xinxin calmed down and took Xia Tian to the bank.

Saving money is very fast, for Xia Tian, only 900,000 integers are stored, and besides more than 30,000, he has to save a little.

Xia Tian from beginning to end, looks relaxed, let Sun Xinxin understand, Xia Tian doesn’t take this matter seriously, and she only thinks about things that are too complicated, after all, usually, a man suddenly wants to be inside her. This is not a trivial matter to save a million on a bank card, but Xia Tian is an exception. He has no other ideas at all.

After saving money, the two went to the cellphone shop and added Sun Xinxin’s original cellphone number. Finally, they returned to the joint flower shop. At this time, it has been more than two afternoons.

“Xinjie, you can count it.”
Fang Xiaoru was snoring on the table and saw Sun Xinxin. She couldn’t help yawning.
“Boring, no business today, and Death Fatty hasn’t arrived yet, strangling me.”

“What? Do you want to have Fatty?”
Sun Xinxin deliberately made fun of her.

“Ghosts think of him!”
Fang Xiaoru’s face blushed.
“Xinjie, you are too kind, and you fall in love with someone, and you come to me to slander me!”

“What are you talking about about it?”
Sun Xinxin’s beautiful face flushed, what was ‘hot adultery love’, to put her in love with Xia Tian.

“Wow …”
Fang Xiaoru suddenly made an excessive cry, grabbing Sun Xinxin’s hand,
“Xinjie, what ring did you buy when you were? Wow, let me see, is this a diamond? So big, how many?”

“It’s very cheap, only 68,000”
Xia Tian answered once.

“Six six six six … sixty eight?”
Fang Xiaoru stuttered slightly.
“Xinjie, you, you won’t buy a lottery ticket?”

“When did you see me buying a lottery ticket?”
Sun Xinxin rolled her eyes towards Fang Xiaoru, then she was a little shy and looked at Xia Tian,
“Xia Tian gave it to me.”

This time Fang Xiaoru was even more surprised. How could this person buy a ring that is so expensive?

After cursing, Fang Xiaoru issued a sentence
“Xia Tian, you won’t rob a bank?”

“Don’t talk about it, Xia Tian was given money by someone to cure”
Sun Xinxin quickly explained.

“Black, ah, really black, to cure illness, you can buy a 68,000 ring, all say that the doctor is now black, I see there is nothing black like Xia Tian!”
Fang Xiaoru pinched Sun Xinxin’s hand and looked left and right, a look of love
“Who wants to buy me a ring like that, I will marry him!”

“Then I’ll wait a few days to tell Fatty, let him buy a ring for you.”
Sun Xinxin smiled softly.

“Nonsense, Fatty must be able to buy a 68,000 ring, and his girlfriend won’t be taken away.”

Fang Xiaoru looked at Sun Xinxin, her eyes filled with jealousy
“Xinjie, I don’t think you need to have a flower shop in the future, just let the black heart doctor Xia Tian come to pick you up.”

“What about nonsense?”
Sun Xinxin retreated and was a little annoyed
“I don’t want others to collect, I can make my own money!”

“Xinjie, you can’t get a ring at a flower shop every year!”
Fang Xiaoru reminded her.

“When I save money, I open more stores. The more money I make, the more I can get in this country!”
Sun Xinxin was a little dissatisfied.

“Hey, Xinjie, do you really want to open a flower shop?”
Fang Xiaoru couldn’t help asking.

“Damn!” Sun Xinxin rolled her eyes from Fang Xiaoru.

“In fact, a few days ago, Fatty told me that he could help the flower shop create a website, and then we could open a flower ordering business online. The scope of our interest could be expanded. If the promotion is good, our business volume will increase. Double doesn’t matter, ”
Fang Xiaoru said.

“Fatty really said that?”
Sun Xinxin only paid attention to the bright light,
“Say, let him help us get a website!”

“Fatty was bored before, said to help us work on the website, now people are busy having subordinates, and are still having fun helping us create a website!”
Fang Xiaoru seemed to be very dissatisfied with Fatty.

“It is true.”
Sun Xinxin nodded. Fatty wasn’t a florist.

Xia Tian heard them say this, he took out his cellphone and called Wang Jie’s phone directly
“Fatty, come to the flower shop!”

“Yes, Brother!”
Fatty answered enthusiastically.
“I’ll be there soon!”
Fatty arrived very quickly. This person is clearly on the road. In less than two minutes, a van entered.

Fatty first got out of the car, and there were two followers behind him. That’s actually Ding Leopard and Black Three. Fatty wore Armani casual clothes, wore a gold watch, and also had sunglasses. His hair is also smooth and shiny. Display of new beginners.

“Fatty, you’re home!”
Fang Xiaoru looked at Wang Jie.
“A famous brand, with two younger brothers, a very big sister style!”

“*cough*, I’m not posing on the facade?”
Fatty was a bit awkward, then hurried towards Xia Tian. Greeted me to Sun Xinxin
“Brother, Sister-in-law!”

Ding Leopard and Hei San also quickly greeted
“Tian-Ge, Tian-Sao!”

Tian-Ge, Tian-Sao?
Today listening to brother Fatty, today you really are a little strange.

“Fatty, Xinjie asked you to make a website for him, you have to do it fast!”
Xia Tian told him.

“Yes, Brother, I will do it as soon as possible!”
Fatty had to carry out, and then looked at Xia Tian with a pleading look.
“Brother, are you free tonight?”

Xia Tian asked.

“Brother, this is the case. Finally Baldy wants to buy our karaoke room and says that you are negotiating with you Brother tonight,”
Fatty explained.

“Oh, look at the situation at night, I’ll go when I have time,”
Xia Tian said casually.

“That night I’ll call Brother,”
Wang Jie said quickly.

“Well, you first discussed the website with Xinjie, I had to send flowers.”
Xia Tian looked at that moment, it was almost time to go to Liu Yunman’s place.

At that time, the ringing of the summer telephone rang.

“Xia Tian, Xia Tian, where are you?”
There is an unusual panic on the phone.

“Beauty-jiejie, what’s wrong?”
Xia Tian heard that this was Ye Mengying’s voice. I can’t help myself being a little weird. What’s so scary?

“Xia Tian can you come to Sacred Heart Hospital immediately? Grandpa has an accident!”
Ye Mengying said hurriedly.

“What happened?”
Xia Tian doesn’t understand, isn’t the old man awake?

“Grandpa fainted again, I, I can’t tell you for a moment, in short, you’re coming soon, okay?”
Ye Mengying looked very worried, with a hint of pleading in her tone.

“Oh, Beauty-jiejie, don’t worry, I’ll be there.”
Xia Tian hung up, turned to look at three black people,
“Send me to Sacred Heart Hospital!”

“Yes, Tian-Ge!”
Three black people said in unison.

The Sacred Heart Hospital, outside of Ye Tiannan’s special care unit, Ye Mengying walked back and forth at the door, and looked very worried.

Ye Tiannan had to wake up yesterday, and his spirit was even better than before he was sick, Ye Mengying was of course very happy, then she looked after her grandfather and talked to her grandfather for a long time, until midnight, she came home to rest.

Since returning to Jianghai City, Ye Mengying did not sleep well for one night. Now that Grandpa finally woke up, Ye Mengying finally slept well, and slept until late in the afternoon, then took a shower and ate. Things, I planned to go see Grandfather first, then go to Xia Tian, she decided to thank him directly.

However, when she came to the hospital, a message like the blue sky, and she was shocked, Grandpa really deteriorated again, and he was in a coma again, and said that the situation was more serious than the last time!

Her second uncle, Ye Zhiyi, claimed to have called the police to arrest doctor Shaman Xia Tian who illegally practiced drugs. He also threatened to be responsible for him. However, now Ye Mengying was not wanting to argue with Ye Zhiyi. The first thing she thought about was to call immediately, Xia Tian, then anxiously waited for Xia Tian to arrive.

“Lil Sis!”
The first thing that came was Ye Shaoxiong, who had just heard the news.

“Brother, grandfather, he …”
Ye Mengying’s eyes were red.

“When I left last night, isn’t grandpa’s spirit still very good?”
Ye Shaoxiong frowned, and intuition told him that something was wrong with this problem.

“Yes, I talked to my grandfather last night in the middle of the night. Grandpa still wants to leave the hospital. I said let him observe it for two more days. I know …”
Ye Mengying tried to hold back and didn’t cry.
“Xia Tian is coming, I hope he has a way to save Grandpa again!”


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