Chapter 11 – Shameless Moment

In the morning.

Dave and his wives are still asleep in bed. Suddenly Dave’s movement and opened his eyes.

Then Dave got up by moving his wife’s hands gently.

“Hmm … a refreshing craze moment~”
Dave murmured to remember yesterday’s ‘fight’.

Dave looked around his room only to see his room filled with liquids that had a smell of hormones that could arouse someone’s passion.

He then waved his hand to make the whole room clean and fragrant.

“Hmm … I feel there are some whereabouts in my house. Hmm?”
After that, Dave made his right field to detect the whole forest and he found something very interesting.

Waving his hand again, a projector field appeared in front of him. Dave then directs the field of the projector by combining his Haki to aim for some whereabouts in his house.

What surprised Dave was that the presentation came from 3 MILF women. He then remembered that the three were Grand Elders.

Dave also saw the three of them sleeping tired with clothes spread out on the floor and in the gap between their legs they had a lot of fluid coming out of their third vagina. This made Dave feel aroused again and wondered if he should eat them because they had presented a tempting work.

But Dave chose not to because he thought that the three had problems that needed Arteria. Because Dave respects the women. But, Dave decided to make a mental note and save a picture of the conditions of the three to be used as his ‘treasure’.

An hour later.

Dave, who was lying lazily on the couch, where his head was on Grayfia’s thigh by tinkering with the smartphone he bought from the system to read novels.

Arteria and the three Grand Elders were discussing something and assisted by Sakuya, where Grayfia only listened to it and would try to help them to be corrected.

Suddenly Dave’s angry angry voice shocked the group of women in the living room.

“Fuck! Damn bastard Author! The damn author suddenly decided to rewrite, even though I had been helped for Power Stone and the money I sent, but damn it !! I blessed you with bad luck for 3 months!”
Dave then condemned the author and sent gray-colored luminous energy to the sky.

The group of women turned and looked at Dave in confusion.

“What’s the matter, hubby?”
Arteria asked, confused by Dave’s sudden shout.

“That bastard writer! Since being helped but he decided to rewrite it! Hmph, I will bless him with bad luck …”
Dave answered while staring at his smartphone screen.

The women’s group is still confused because they don’t know what Dave means. They do not know what Dave used to do meant the little thing he was holding and looked at it.

“By the way, what’s the thing you are holding?”
Sakuya decides to ask because she is curious.

“Oh? This? This is called the iPhone XI-S Unlimited Edition Smartphone.”
Dave answered while still staring at the smartphone screen.

“So what can be used for that S-Smartphone?”
Sakuya asked again awkwardly because she had difficulty saying the word ‘Smartphone’.

“A smartphone is a phone with many smart features where the phone has many ways to do it. Like, you can try searching for terms of words or something from this cellphone using a browser application. And also you can watch videos, read books and listen to music from applications that are available inside. And many more things can be done by this cellphone.”
Dave answered by explaining things about the smartphone and what the smartphone can use.

Listening to Dave’s answers made the interests of the women interested and tried to peek at Dave’s cellphone. But after they saw, they blushed instantly. Because what Dave opens is porn videos.

Grayfia sees this pinching Dave’s right ear and Sakuya also pinching Dave’s right cheek.

“Ah? What’s wrong with you two?”
Feel the pinch that is considered sick but not for Dave.
He then turned to look at the two of them and was confused by what Grayfia and Sakuya were doing that pinched him.

Sakuya’s scream to Dave with a red face.

Dave heard this finally understood and put on a very thick face and said.
“*Cough* This is just a video. I watched it try to find a new position that we might be able to do.”

Listening said Dave also saw Dave’s face acting thick-skinned. Making Sakuya blush more because of shame and anger, she then pounced on him. Even Grayfia who had Dave’s thigh head wanted to release his head from his body because she had a very shameless husband.

While Arteria flushed and thought whether she would be penetrated again by Dave’s divine rod. For the Grand Elder group who were listening, they blushed and wondered if they would feel what Dave’s wives felt.

“So, hubby. The phone is that can like you said? And it can call people from far away? Even mutually video calls from far away? Is’nt this too amazing !!?”
Arteria’s scream was excited because she received a smartphone from Dave.

Not only Arteria was given even Grayfia, Sakuya and the three Grand Elders were also given. And Dave also began to explain more about what could be used by the smartphone he gave them all.

“Yes. This can do something like that. Wait a minute I’ll give an example.”
After saying that, Dave then disappeared and teleported to a very far direction.

Then Dave began making a group chat calls from where he teleported. The group of women watched and listened to their smartphones ringing and trembling, pressing the green mark Dave had explained before. And after pressing, they were shocked because Dave was in the area where he was in the volcano. They saw Dave in the middle of the volcano’s depth.

“Yo~ How? Interesting? I teleported here so you can see my amazing looks in an epic situation!”
The word thick-skinned narcissist from Dave made his smartphone aim at him and adjusted the distance using telekinesis. Dave did not forget to pose as if he were doing an epic attraction that challenged common sense.

Seeing this, Grayfia and Sakuya just rolled their eyes. Whereas, Arteria and the three Grand Elders have heart shapes and stars in their eyes.


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