Chapter 12 – Unexpected Meeting

Two days later.

Dave and his women’s had a meeting with the Grand Elders in the Yggdrasil tree room.

“So, I will submit assignments to you. If you have a very urgent problem, you can use the smartphone to call us, ok ~”
Arteria said to the Grand Elder group.

“Yes, Mother of Nature!”
Reply to the Grand Elder group respectfully.

“Good! Then I’ll leave now!”
Arteria then walked towards Dave.

Dave then snapped his fingers to make himself and his wives disappear.

Dave’s group then appeared in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Grayfia and Sakuya then invited Arteria to get around. Dave just sat in a throne and waved his hand to show a projection screen area.

The projection screen has many special features for the Babilonia hanging garden. Dave made an HGB fly towards where the Fairy Tail guild is, Magnolia. He also did not forget to install the stealth feature so as not to invite problems.
(*HGB : The Hanging Gardens of Babylon*)

Shortly thereafter, Grayfia’s group reappeared in the HGB audience room. They saw Dave who was sitting on a throne and felt that their husband was suitable to be a ruler because they felt that he was now more handsome and dominating.

Dave saw the three of them coming, said.
“How ?”

Arteria answered
“What an extraordinary thing, hubby!”

“Hehe … actually what makes this extraordinary is the infinite space. So I as the owner can adjust the contents in the room.”
Dave said


Two hours later.

Dave’s group has now reached the right destination. Dave decided to stop the HGB in the forest around 10 kilometers from Magnolia.

“Let’s arrive.”
Dave said to his three wives.

“EH? But I feel we are in the forest?”
Reply Arteria. Because she has a close as the Spirit would Yggdrasil natural elements.

“Well, I decided to stop here, because later it will be troublesome if I stop in the city.”
Dave sighed and said.

After that, the four of them descended from HGB. Then Dave snapped his fingers to make the HGB disappear.

“Let’s go!”
Dave said and walked towards the city of Magnolia.

In front of the entrance gate of Magnolia.

A strange scene appeared that made various activities of the residents who came and went around the gate looking at the four figures that now appeared, namely one man and three women.

One of them is a very handsome man, with silver hair. His colorful eyes such as the combination of blue and purple (galaxies) make his face look very unique.

The three women, one of whom was almost a twin with silver hair but distinguished between eye color and both hairstyles. But both of them have very tempting bodies like a woman who has children but has never been touched after 5 years without sex.

The last is the figure of an adult woman who is very tempting like the twin women. But what makes this woman unique is because she brings a kind of aura that can calm the people around her.

Well, all four are Dave and his wife. When the four arrived at the front gate, they were looked at by various pairs of eyes from all sides wherever they were near them.

The group of women around the four looked at Dave with hungry lust like seeing quality meat ‘???’ with hunger reaching 5 years. Although there were some men who looked at Dave with eyes of lust that made Dave feel this shudder and decided to curse the man.

In fact, the group of men around the four also looked at Dave’s wives with lust eyes and saliva which began to drip on the ground.

Dave saw a group of men staring at his three wives, cursing in his mind.
‘Hmph! The bastard stared at my wife, I curse you! ‘

Dave’s thoughts made his three wives stare at him and smile at him, and began to kiss him in public which caused the watching parties to be envious and jealous.

Dave then recalled his purpose and looked for someone to ask. Find it, it’s a woman with dark purple hair and brown eyes that have a seductive body like a woman aged 18-20 years.

Dave walked towards the woman who looked at him and asked.
“Hey, beautiful! Do you know where the Fairy Tail guild is?”

The woman turned blushed because Dave approached her and posed with his left hand on the wall and lowered his head towards her because of the height. The woman could not answer because she was still stunned and reddened.

Dave saw this smile and decided to ask again.
“Hey! Are you okay?”

Not forgetting he used his right hand to wave his palm in front of the woman’s eyes who were staring at him stunned and reddened.

“A-ah! S-sorry … W-what did you say earlier?”
The woman then remembers that the man in front of her asks her, and answers back.

“Well, do you know where the Fairy Tail guild is located? ”

“Y-yes, I know that …”
The woman answered who was still blushing.

“Then, can you show the direction of the place?”
Dave asked again.

“Y-yes, I can …”
After the woman said that, she hit her cheeks and made her focus again.

“You can walk straight from this gate, and you will get a building where the building is at the end of the city center …”
The woman continued to give Dave the direction of the Fairy Tail guild.

“Ahh … thank you! Take this, I’m not sure if this can help you.”
Dave thanked the woman and gave her a strange book that he bought from his System called Grimoire of Time Origin-End.

The woman only accepted to hold the book and reply.
“T-Thank you!”

“Ah, it’s okay. Oh, by the way, my name is Dave Vizhard. You can call me Dave.”
Dave said by stretching his hand towards the woman.

Shaking hands, Feeling the grip of Dave’s big and strong hand made her blush, the woman replied.
“M-my name is Ultear, Ultear Milkovich. B-but you can call me Ul”


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