Chapter 13 – Fairy Tail

“What kind of book is this?”
Murmured a woman holding a strange book.

“What’s wrong, Ul? And what are you holding?”
Suddenly a voice rang out, asking the woman.

“Ah sorry, Jellal. I just feel weird with this book.”
Ul answered.

Yes, both are Ultear and Jellal from the Fairy Tail anime series. Both are now in a tavern near the town of Magnolia.

Jellal heard, saw the book held by Ultear. Asking,
“Where did you get that?”

“Well, I got it from a very handsome man.”
Ultear replied while thinking back to the handsome figure who gave the book to her.

“Who is it then?”

“Well, just before the gate. There is a group consisting of one male and three women. Where all four are very handsome and very beautiful. And …”
Ultear answered and explained what had happened before.

Hearing Ultear explains, Jellal felt strange. Then he looked again at the book that Ultear was holding.
“Is that guy, Dave said about this can ‘help’ you?”

“The prince said that. Is there something about this book, Jellal?”
Ultear asked by making a title directly on Dave’s call.

“You know that I know a lot of things. And the book that you hold, if I’m not mistaken that is Grimoire.”
Jellal answered and looked at the cover of the book held by Ultear.

“Eh? Y-You mean this is Grimoire?”
Shocked by Jellal’s words, Ultear asks.

“Well, I’m not wrong. Also, the Grimoire that you hold is probably the highest among the known Grimoire levels.”

“W-What? Is there a level?”

“There. It was said that 400 years ago, a Grimoire would have a level where the level was based on the aura emitted and strange things were written inside. That the levels in Grimoire were Down > Middle > Up > Peak. Only that I know about Grimoire, but I have seen 6 Grimoire users, meaning ‘that person’ who has a strange black book. ”

Listening to Jellal explain, Ultear was shocked by what she was holding now. She then thinks who is the figure who gave the Grimoire to her.

Jellal who still looked at Grimoire then remembered about ‘that person’ and suddenly he shivered.
“Ul, we have to get all the information from the group of four people that you met before. I am sure that the four are very strong compared to ‘that person’. Because what I know is that it is impossible for someone or group to give the peak level of Grimoire to random people just by thanking for something right? So, we must gather information about the four. And also I feel a strange feeling for the future.”

Ultear just nodded. But, she still thought about Dave.
‘Uhh the guy is very handsome but having a mystery really makes my work pile up as a spy’

At this time, Dave’s group is walking towards the Fairy Tail guild place.

“Husband, who was the woman?”
Grayfia asked because she felt her husband knew the woman they had met earlier.

“She is Ultear, a spy from the Grimoire Heart guild.”
Dave answered.

“Eh? Spy?”
Arteria is confused.

“Yes, she is a spy. Actually, she was placed in the Magic Council, to spy on all the activities of the councils and guilds in Fiore …”
Dave then explained about Ultear.

Hearing the explanation from Dave, the three then understood.

“What a poor child. But, Zero bastard who experimented with her and took it from her mother, uhh …”
Given Ultear’s state of being too miserable, Sakuya said angrily to the group experimenting with Ultear.

Even for Grayfia and Arteria who heard Sakuya growling, they were also angry at the group.

Dave, who felt the three wives angry with Zero’s group, only sighed and made a mental note to torture Zero. Then he said to his three wives.
“Well, you don’t need to think about it. Because there will come a time when we will see their guild.”

Shortly afterward Dave’s group arrived at a destroyed building, even the area around it was a lot of debris from a destroyed building scattered about.

The four of them feel weird, even Dave who watches Fairy Tail feels weird.

“Is this the Fairy Tail guild?”
Dave murmured oddly.

Suddenly, several people rushed into the Fairy Tail guild to surprise Dave’s group.

“Let’s follow them”

Natsu who along with his friends after completing a quest on Galuna Island, saw the state of the guild now boiling. Then the group rushed into the guild.

Once inside, they saw many giant steel rods. Making the group wonder who did this, but decided to look for other guild members, they then headed in the basement.

Because according to them, the space that a land is an emergency place if the situation is not good is happening. They then find the Fairy Tail guild member.

Natsu and the others then decide to ask the guild master, Makarov who is currently drinking with a little drunk.

“They attack when everyone is asleep. They are cowards who attack in the dark.”
Makarov answered.

Listen to Makarov answer, make an activity in the guild and the Natsu group who just returned to boiling.

The Phantom Guild, this guild has made all guild members now feel that this guild is really looking for trouble. Because after hurting Levy’s group. Now they are destroying the guild building secretly.

Suddenly they heard a voice asking,
“Hello, is this the Fairy Tail guild?”


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