Chapter 9 – Fight (Part 1)

Dave, who was drinking water provided by himself, spilled the water after hearing his nickname.

The shock was shown by the people in the Yggdrasil room due to the response of Mother of Nature.

All the women inside besides Grayfia, Sakuya and Mother of Nature had hearts and stars in their eyes looking towards Dave.

And a group of men have a sense of defeat, anger, sadness, and revenge. Because in the past 400 years a group of men, they once had a kind of pledge to hate Dave because it made 80% of women around the world adore him and 50% of them decided to become virgins. Where thirty percent were married women but worshiped and became cold towards their husbands.

“W-what is ‘The Emperor God of Hubby Public’?”
Dave then decided to ask.

Mother of Nature answered.
“Well, that …”
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After being answered by the Mother of Nature.

The atmosphere in the room is strange. Because there are various views, especially the view of longing that comes from a group of women and a curse from a group of men.

Dave heard the answer feeling whether he should laugh or cry.

“Uhh … to think that I am very handsome will be made a god worshiped by you women. Hmmm, I have to say that I am touched!”
Dave said with a thick face and skin because he got a grudge and anger that came from his wife as well as male groups.

“Ufufu … glad then, hubby~”
Happy Mother of Nature said.

“Hmph, Shameless bastard!”
Sakuya responds to Dave’s words angrily.

Grayfia just rolled her eyes sullenly.

“Your Majesty the Emperor! Can you give us your grace !?”
One of the 7 Grand Elders, the High Elf woman asked with heart and star eyes to Dave.

When Dave heard this he looked at her and saw that she was like a hot MILF and had G-cup breasts. With long, golden hair and bright green eyes.

“*cough* I’m blessing you !”
Dave said by putting on a face as if he were a priest and then waving his hand towards the group of women.

The group of women then shone. After their dim light has a change, the changes they get are skin that is increasingly bright and reddened along with an increase in spirit and physical strength.

This made the group of women happy and thanked Dave and also made a mental promise that they would make a new statue to worship at their home.

And the group of men just cursed again and again in their minds for Dave’s actions, but they were also passionate instantly because the group of women had gotten more beautiful.

3 days later.

Still, in the woods, Dave is currently lazing on the living room couch in his own house.

In the living room, there are 3 female figures namely Grayfia, Sakuya and Mother of Nature who has been named by Dave, Arteria. The three of them were gossiping between them regardless of Dave sleeping near them.

“Hey my wives. Come on, what year is this?”
Suddenly Dave said, closing his eyes.

“X791. Why ?”
Arteria answered confusedly at Dave’s question.

Instantly Dave opened his eyes and got up.

“Ah! Do you want to visit Fairy Tail, Dave?”
Sakuya asked.

“Not yet, I decided the day after I left. But, we must get ready.”

“Eh? You know we have ridiculous powers here that exceed the strongest people in this world besides us, and there are also you who are more ridiculous. Then why should we prepare?”
Confused, Grayfia asked.

“Because we will ‘fight’ now hehe ~”
Dave answered with a bawdy laugh.

The three then turned red immediately, because they knew the meaning of his words.

After that, Dave snapped his fingers and they disappeared in the living room.

They appear in a room that has a mattress that can hold 10 people. They have been in bed and have been naked right away.

“Come here”

Dave called them and hugged Grayfia in the right hand and Sakuya in the left hand.

For Arteria who saw this understand, then headed to Dave and looked at the big dragon Dave who was standing up as if to let go of all the lust of battle. Arteria began to touch it and stroked Dave’s penis. Then she began to advance her head towards Dave’s head and lick his head.

Sakuya moans that Dave is kissing now.

Grayfia groaned as Dave’s fingers entered her grand valley.

Dave made his left hand squeeze Sakuya’s ass while playing their tongue.

“*slurp* *slurp*”
The sound of the penis sucking from Arteria is heard.

Arteria sucked Dave’s penis using her breasts to make Dave’s penis pressed against her breasts from both sides and while shaking it from top to bottom.

Grayfia and Sakuya groaned together because of the action of Dave who had been the great valley of both.

Arteria who was still sucking immediately felt Dave’s penis explode and released its essence to shoot inside her mouth. But she responded to the shot and swallowed the whole essence. Then she licked Dave’s penis to remove the remaining sperm fluid.

“Ufufu.. as usual, kicking~”
Arteria said, blushing but still trying to tease.

“Haa.. Haa.. Haa..”
Grayfia and Sakuya are panting a little on the bed.

Dave then holds Grayfia’s legs and moves to form ‘M’ and directs the head of his penis to the vagina hole.

“I will enter, my wife”
Dave said and then he put his penis directly into Grayfia’s vagina once.

“Ahh !”
Grayfia’s moans that felt Dave’s penis enter and fill her entire vagina.

After entering, Dave paused for 3 seconds and after that he took out and pushed again and again.

“Ahh ! Ahn ! Nnhn !”
Happy moans from Grayfia who felt Dave’s penis move hard in her vagina. Her breasts are as big as H-cup wobbling.

Grayfia also felt that Dave’s penis was trying to break through her womb’s hole.
“Nghnn … that-!”

Before Grayfia finished her words, Dave who knew that he would enter Grayfia’s womb pressing again and again which then made him break through her womb.

“Ahh !”

Dave paused 5 seconds because he knew that entering a woman’s womb also had a strange feeling.

“Are you okay, my wife?”
Dave said, looking at Grayfia

Grayfia heard this feeling happy because of his attention.
“Um … can you continue, husband”

Hearing Grayfia’s answer, Dave began to continue his piston where the head of his penis in her womb then tapped the end of her uterine wall.

Grayfia felt a knock from Dave’s head, her body trembled with every beat.
“Ahhn ! Nngghh ! Ahh !”

“Hus-Husband .. Ahh .. I will .. Ahnn .. Cum !”
Grayfia said that she felt that she would cumming.

“Me too!”
Reply to Dave who also feels it.

“Cumming !”
Grayfia’s moans screamed with ahegao’s expression.

“*splurt* *splurt* *splurt*”
The sound of Dave’s penis shot that leads to Grayfia’s uterus and his sperm that can’t fill out of her vagina.

“Ahh !! Hot seeds !!”
Grayfia groaned as Dave’s sperm shot at her womb.


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